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Anthony Carlile

Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro is Brazil's most famous city - but not its capital nor its most populous city as many believe. It is however a beautiful city with famous landmarks and breathtaking scenery.


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Barra Beach

Barra is one of the most exclusive districts of Rio. It's a little further down the cost from the hustle of Copacabana, and here you will find a beautiful long beach (usually quieter than Rio's other beaches) and good hotels.

The beach is famous for being where the footballer Pele honed his footballing skills as a child.

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Barra Beach

Safety is a big issue for a lot of people in Rio. Barra is one of the safest areas in the city, due to its wealth, and distance from the poorer areas. When I stayed in Barra I didn't experience any problems, or even any feeling of being unsafe. Still, as with all places in Brazil, be sensible, take taxis for long distances especially at night, and keep your valuables hidden.

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Barra Beach

Apart from the hotels, Barra does not have much in the way of restaurants and shops, with very small clusters dotted along the beach front. 

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Barra Beach from my hotel


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Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world. Here you will find a beautiful beach overlooked by Sugarloaf Mountain, lots of people day and night, as well as lots of shopping, bars and cafes. 

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Copacabana Beach from Sugarloaf Mountain

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Having a beer on Copacabana Beach

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Copacabana Beach

Cathedral Saint Sebastian 

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Cathedral Saint Sebastian 

The Cathedral Saint Sebastian is one of the most unique, interesting and beautiful cathedrals you will ever visit. On the outside as you approach the cathedral, it feels like you are approaching a giant pyramid-like nuclear missile silo. The large concrete pyramid structure is unlike any cathedral you have ever seen.

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Cathedral Saint Sebastian

Inside the cathedral you instantly see why the outside is the way it is, as you are confronted with a breathtaking sight of church stain glass windows high into the sky, forming a cross at the top. 

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Inside Cathedral Saint Sebastian

Christ The Redeemer

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Christ The Redeemer

Christ The Redeemer is one of the most well known statues in the world. It dominates the Rio skyline, and seems to fall down in every disaster film out. 

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Train route to the top

Getting to the top is easy enough. Catch the train, and get off at the last stop. The trip up gives you some beautiful views of the city. You might not get on the first train however, as this is easily the busiest tourist area in the city. I went first thing in the morning and it was still very busy.

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Approaching Christ The Redeemer

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Me with Christ The Redeemer

Once you are at the top getting a decent picture of you and the statue is difficult due to the number of people around, but not impossible. 

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Crowds of people trying to get a picture (spot the idiot!)

The view from the top is pretty amazing - but the view from Sugarloaf Mountain is undoubtedly better. There are also shops and cafes at the top, in case you need a rest or a mini Jesus statue to take home. 

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View from Christ The Redeemer

Sugarloaf Mountain

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Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain dominates the Rio skyline, especially at Copacabana. It is an iconic mountain, and really is worth the trip up to the top. 

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View from Urca

If you elect not to hike then you get to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain by 2 cable car trips. The first cable car takes you to a peak known as Urca. From Urca you get impressive views of Rio, and there are cafes and shops if you need a rest. 

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Sugarloaf Mountain from Urca

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View from Sugarloaf Mountain

At the top of Sugarloaf Mountain you will find more shops and cafes, and more incredible views of Rio. The area at the top isn't that large, so you won't need too long to see it all, although the view might keep you there all day! 

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Me at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain

Anthony Carlile 

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