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Anthony Carlile


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Johannesburg is not a place for the soft traveller. It's a bustling African city with lots to see and do, but it's reputation for crime will keep a lot of people away and heading to Cape Town. But if you stop here and take a look around I can promise you that a fascinating city is on offer, with many places where you can feel safe. 

Lion Park

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A short drive out of the city will get you to the Lion Park. Although famed for safaris, this park offers a low cost alternative for those visiting South Africa on a budget, but who still wish to see Africa's wildlife.

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The main attraction of the Lion Park though is undoubtedly the lion cubs. For a small fee you can spend time up close and personal with lion cubs, including touching them, in a special enclosure. This is an experience that you must not miss, and you will get some amazing photographs at the same time.

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The Apartheid Museum

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The Apartheid Museum tells the story of the most significant and darkest part of South Africa's history. It has a series of fascinating and well thought our exhibitions and displays, and shows you the bare truth about Apartheid.

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Your ticket will designate you as "white" or "black", and this determines which entrance you use (see photo above), meaning people in your group will be separated from you, so straight from the off you experience what segregation feels like, as you do not meet up with them until a bit later on in the museum. This is a very clever way of introducing the idea of Apartheid to visitors.


Monte Casino

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Monte Casino is a complex consisting of a casino (strangely!), hotels, restaurants and shops. It's the perfect place to base yourself for a stay in Johannesburg, especially if you have a family with you, as here you can wander freely and feel perfectly safe. 

Cradle of Humankind

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Here you will find some of the earliest human remains ever found, information of the evolution of humans, and underground caves displaying remains and other evidence of early human civilisation. It's a fascinating few hours spent here, and well worth the drive out of the city.

Anthony Carlile 

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