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Anthony Carlile


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If you have found yourself in Gansbaai then odds are you are here for one thing - Great White Sharks! Gansbaai is one of the main places in South Africa where you can go cage diving with the world's most feared creature.

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There are many companies offering Great White Shark cage diving services in Gansbaai, and most will also include breakfast and lunch (you will want lunch especially after a few hours in the ocean), and all at very inexpensive prices. 

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You'll be out on the boat for a couple of hours, and the water can get quite rough so make sure you have sea sickness tablets to hand if you suffer in any way from motion sickness. 

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From what I understand almost on every trip out there you will see Great Whites. On my trip I saw 6 or 7 different Great White Sharks, and there was never a long period without seeing them.  

 Anthony Carlile 

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