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Anthony Carlile

Rangali Island

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Rangali Island is home to the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel - a hotel which has twice been named the best hotel in the world. And after spending a week there, I can see why. The hotel is set across two islands, joined by a bridge, and it is an absolute paradise.

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Rangali Island

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Me on Rangali Island

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Sunset on Rangali Island 

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Rangali Island

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Rangali Island

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Free cocktail hour on Rangali Island

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Rangali Island

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Rangali Island

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Rangali Island

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Spa on Rangali Island 

Water Bugalows 

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Water bungalows

I was lucky enough to stay in a water bungalow when I stayed here. They are very expensive, but they are also incredible. You get an unrivalled view of the sunset, your own hot tub on the deck, and a beautiful and large room. However, I think it's impossible to get a bad room at this hotel.

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Water bungalows

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Inside a waterbungalow

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Inside a waterbungalow

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Inside a waterbungalow

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On the deck of a waterbungalow

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Me on the deck of my waterbungalow

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Heron on the deck of my waterbungalow

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

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Me at entrance to Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant appears on bucket lists, places to see lists and amazing places lists all the time, and with very good reason. It cost $5 million, and is an incredible feat of engineering. 

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Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

 The space is available for lunch, cocktails, and weddings, and it's simply a wonderful place to sit. It's built alongside  deep and populated corals, and you'll easily see sharks, rays, and all manners of fish. 

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Me in the Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

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Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

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Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

Anthony Carlile 

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