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Your visit to Xi'an will almost certainly be for one reason - The Terracotta Warriors. The Terracotta Warriors are incredible and a must-see, but the city also offers many other delights as an ancient Chinese city, being one of the oldest cities in China with over 3,100 years of history.

The Terracotta Warriors

As one of the most famous attractions in China, The Terracotta Warriors should be on every list for any trip to China.

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Entrance to the Terracotta Warriors 

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On the walk from the car park to the Terracotta Warrior Museums 

The walk to the Terracotta Museum is long, with many shops and things of interest along the way. The complex is huge, with many different sites where discoveries have been made. It will take you quite a while to get round them all.  

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Museum Complex

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Entrance Hall to one of the Museums 

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Terracotta Horses 

There are several sites to explore, but the site with the world famous Terracotta Warriors is the one that you will remember.

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The Terracotta Warrors 

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Me at the Terracotta Warriors 

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The Terracotta Warriors 

Xi'an Banpo Museum

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Entrance to the Xi'an Banpo Museum 

The Banpo Museum offers an insight into ancient Chinese life, with pottery, weapons, archeological digs onsite, as well as beautiful gardens to walk around. 

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Pottery at the Xi'an Banpo Museum 

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The Gardens at Banpo Museum 

The City Wall

 Xi'an's city wall is the largest surviving structure of it's kind in China, and is one of the largest ancient military defence systems in the world.

A walk along the wall is a great way to spend an afternoon, with many attractions including stalls and parks along the route. 

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Xi'an City Wall 

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Xi'an City Wall

Anthony Carlile 

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